about lisa

Lisa Sheppard was born and raised in Houston, Texas and moved to Los Angeles in 1988. Her mother and father raised her around musicians and she was going to see live bands at seven years old. She credits her parents and the musicians that she was around as a child for exposing her to musical influences like Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Janis Joplin and Boz Scaggs. She knew that one day she would do something in the music field, and at the age of nine decided to begin playing guitar. She played guitar avidly until the age of sixteen when she became entranced with the theatre and acting in plays. She abandoned music to pursue acting at sixteen and was accepted into the High School for Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, Texas. She began studying acting, directing and writing for the theatre in high school and continued her studies at the University of Houston. After receiving her BA in 1987, she moved to Los Angeles with a friend in 1988. She began to frequent the local music scene in Los Angeles at that time, where she became highly influenced by artists like Lucinda Williams.

Her pursuit of acting changed directions in 1990 to a pursuit of writing and directing for the stage, when she co-wrote and directed a three act play with her late husband. After the run of the play was cut short due to a freak accident of the roof caving in on the theatre, she abandoned the stage altogether. Her interests turned to poker, which she played semi-professionally and later professionally. Finally, in 1998 she settled into a full-time marketing career.

Her love of music didn’t stop, however. She continued to see live bands and love music just as feverishly as she did as a child. In December of 2008, she had the wild idea to play guitar again. Almost instantaneously, she began writing the songs that would make up her debut CD “One Track Mind”. In her words, “the songs are reminiscent of the time during and after my marriage…and in some cases…where I am today.”
Lisa is blessed to have many talented peers who encourage her and share her love of music and songwriting. She’s busily writing the next group of songs for her follow-up album.